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  • What kind of studio packages do you offer?
    Details of our recording studio packages can be found here!
  • Can I record a song with a group of friends?
    Yes you may! There are several options available for a group setting. You may choose to opt for a Live Recording Session (maximum 4 pax at once) where all voices and instruments will be recorded in a single track, or Track Recording Session where all vocals and instruments will be recorded on separate tracks.
  • What is the difference between Live Recording and Track Recording?
    Live Recording is when all vocals and instruments are recorded together on a single track, Track Recording is where all vocals and instruments are recorded separately on individual tracks. Both methods have their own advantages, Live Recording captures all of the sounds from a single live performance which results in a raw and authentic sounding track. Track Recording is the combination of multiple sound track sources to create a cohesive whole, which allows for more flexibility in editing.
  • I would like to record a vocal track but I have no confidence as I have no singing experience. How can you help?
    If you would like to record a song at our studio, but have no prior experience in singing or playing, we encourage you to take a lesson or two with us at our studio before the actual recording. This will help you get the most out of your recording session! :)
  • I've never been in a recording studio! I'm nervous about recording my song.
    There's always a first time to everything! During the actual recording session there will be guidance from a professional, so you'll be in good hands!
  • Do you provide videography services if I want to record a music video?
    Unfortunately we do not have videography services here at What’s Your Jam. However you can hire your own videographer to video your recording process to make a video within the studio booking duration, or you can consider recording a video after the soundtrack is complete. You can lip sync to to the finished sound track when it’s done to create your very own music video!
  • What are you payment and cancellation policies for Studio Recording Bookings?
    Payments have to be made upfront for your booking to be confirmed. We accept payments via Paynow or Bank Transfer. Due to limited slots, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled session. This gives us the opportunity to fill up the slot. You may cancel by email or Whatsapp. If you have to cancel your session, we offer you a credit to your account if you cancel before the 48 hours, but do not offer refunds. You may use these credits towards any future Studio Recording Session. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the session.
  • What do I need to prepare before my recording session?
    Backing Track To ensure you get the most out of your recording experience, do send us the backing track (Instrumental/Karaoke) you want to use for your recording one week in advance. This can be a Youtube Link or a video or audio file. You may email it to: Here are some websites you can explore to download your backing track! Instruments If you will be bringing an instrument to play along to your song, let us know during your booking what instrument you will be bringing. This allows our sound engineer to be well prepared for your session.
  • I have no music experience and this will be my first time learning music. Are your lessons suitable for me?
    Absolutely! We believe that music is for everyone! If you have the urge to make music but never had lessons as a kid, or quit before you got any good — don't despair. We have music lessons tailored to all age groups and skill levels. All you need to do is to take the first step and you will be closer to an infinitely rewarding musical experiece.
  • Should I bring my own instrument to lessons?
    Yes. You must have an instrument that you are comfortable with. You should bring your instrument to your lesson each week. (Amps are provided for electric instruments) The only exceptions are with keyboard/piano and drums (you need to bring only drumsticks).
  • Where are the lessons held?
    Lessons are held at our studio at 7B Kampobg Bahru Road.
  • I already know a little about my instrument, do I have to start at the beginning?"
    No. Your instructor will evaluate your level of understanding and then tailor a plan of study that is custom made especially for you. The most important part of taking lessons is learning to play, have fun and learn.
  • How much should I be practicing?
    Students should play at home three to four times a week to practice what was learnt in class to see good progress in their musical skills.
  • Am I too old to learn music?
    It's never too late to learn music! Don't believe the hype that learning an instrument is much easier for a child than it is for an adult. Sure, kids have some brain plasticity that lets them build neural pathways more easily than we adults can, but we've got a few things on them: we're better at practicing, we've (theoretically) learned how to manage our time, we take things seriously and we are more likely to really love the instrument we've chosen.
  • What music instrument should I learn?
    Many adults, especially those who enjoy instrumental and acoustic music, would like to learn to play a musical instrument, but are intimidated by the prospect of where to start. The good news is that in a lot of ways, it's simpler to pick an instrument as an adult as you know your tastes by now. Pick an instruemnt you love because If you don't really love it, you'll never stick with it. If you're still having trouble picking an instrument to start with, speak to our friendly instructors today! They'll be more than willing to advice you. :)
  • What age does my child need to be to take lessons?
    The average age to start a child is 4 years old. They should be able to sit still for at least 20 minutes.
  • How do I know what instrument should my child learn?
    Choosing an instrument for your child to learn can be a tough decision as many kids do not have a firm preference about one instrument over another. If your child does have a particular interest in an instrument, then we recommend that you let them pursue their interests! The more passionate they are, the more motivated they will be to learn and practice. If still in doubt, sign up for our Explore Program, which gives children hands-on experience with the various instruments guided by our experienced instructors.
  • What modes of payment do you accept?
    We accept Paynow and Bank Transfer. Details Paynow UEN: 53378163M Bank Account OCBC: 712642362001
  • Notice
    We have ceased Practice & Jamming studio rentals since April 2020 (circuit breaker).
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