Looking to expand your vast sea of musical knowledge? Our teachers are happy to help! No musical background? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back too! From ages 3 to adults of all ages, we’ve got something for everyone!

 Why us, you ask?

  • Convenient Location

  • Spacious classrooms

  • Fully-Equipped Jamming Studio

  • Fun-loving and Experienced Teachers

  • Thoughtfully Curated Retail Shop

  • Showoff Stage (Cue showcases and fun open-mic sessions!)

Single Instrument

Get a head start in the instrument you love with our experienced music teachers! 

Want to Play-and-Sing like a pro? This program allows you to pick an instrument, master it, and sing as you play! It's that simple - pick your desired instrument, choose your song, set your key and you're ready to go!

  • Guitar + Vocals

  • Ukulele + Vocals

Explore Program 

Can't make up your mind? Try out our Explore Program and find out what you really love under the guidance of our experienced teachers! You get to try out all the different instruments as listed above! Our Explore Program is available in blocks of 10 lessons, and allows you the flexibility of choosing between different instruments!


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