Looking to expand your vast sea of musical knowledge at the convenience of home? Our teachers are happy to help! No musical background? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back too! From ages 3 to adults of all ages, we’ve got something for everyone!

 Would you be able to learn online, you ask?

The answer is absolutely yes. All lessons are personalized according to each student's pace & style. With our comprehensive online lesson set up, you will be able to view the Teacher conveniently from multiple angles with excellent video quality, to listen clearly with professional audio quality as well as seamless sharing of notes and practice tracks.

The session will also be recorded and made available for student downloads. This is a useful addition to music lesson as you will be able to refer and revise for better practice!

  • Personalized Lessons - Style & Pace (Choose Your Favourite Songs!)

  • Quality Audio & Video

  • Recorded Lesson for Student's Practice Purpose

  • Fun-loving and Experienced Teachers

  • Customized​ Tracks for Better Practice

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