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Isn't it amazing to watch how quickly a child can pick up a second language? This same kind of learning happens with kids and music. There is a window of time between the ages of four and eight when the potential for development of the musical ear in young children is the greatest. The younger children are when they begin their musical involvement the more musical they will become. Our curriculum is designed to maximize this developmental period and cultivate the musical gift in every young child.

MUSIC MATTERS. Music affects every aspect of development and when young children are consistently engaged by music they benefit at many levels:

  • Builds reasoning skills critical for greater success in maths and science studies.

  • Music students out-perform non-music students on achievement tests in reading and maths.

  • Music students receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students.

  • Develops social and emotional skills including the ability to relate to others and better express ideas, and less likely to have behavior/discipline problems.


 Our Approach 

  • Our approach is fun, affirming, non-pressured and creative.

  • We maximize the development period of a child's musical ear.

  • Our one-on-one or small group setting utilises lively, interactive and diverse experiences.

  • Little Jam's curriculum is multi-dimensional and teaches singing, coordination, theory, ear training, guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, ukulele.

  • A weekly "musical date" with your child provides a unique bonding experience.

  • We are a partner of Rockschool International

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