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5 Fun & Easy Ukulele Pop Songs

The ukulele is one of the most popular instruments (especially in recent years), and it’s not difficult to see why! Not only does it produce an incredibly delightful sound, but it’s also very easy to learn and to play on. You really only need to learn a few chords, and you’re off on your way to becoming the next Jake Shimabukuro!

Okay — we exaggerate. Becoming the next Jake Shimabukuro would take a lot more than that! You’ll need to master your strumming and chording techniques which takes years and years of time and practice. In this list, we’ve compiled a handful of songs that require only three or four chords to play — perfect for refining your skills on the ukulele.

I'm Yours

Chords: C, G, Am, F

If there’s one song that every ukulele player needs to know how to play, it’s this! And if you’ve never heard of this piece, where have you been? Till today, Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” remains one of the biggest hits. This four-chord piece is a great song to help you learn the reggae strum pattern and master your timing.

I’m Yours Chords → link to

Just the Way You Are

Chords: C, Am, F (Capo 3)

Yet another simple but fun song to play on your ukulele! This song only uses three chords with a pattern that repeats throughout the whole song, including the verse and the chorus, which makes this piece relatively easy to master once you’ve learnt the chords. Above all, this Bruno Mars number would be perfect for serenading your other half!

Just the Way You Are Chords → link to

Hey Soul Sister

Chords: C, G, Am, F

“Hey Soul Sister” is very similar in structure to Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”. Once you’ve learnt to play “I’m Yours”, this wouldn’t be all that difficult to pick up! The chords are straightforward (only four), and the progressions are not too challenging. But it can get a tad bit confusing because this is a cheerful song and thus requires a fast strum that might confuse you if you’re new to playing on the ukulele. With that said, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, playing this song will instantly lift up the mood of the room!

Hey Soul Sister Chords → link to

Sunday Morning

Chords: F,G,C

Three chords — F, G and C — are all you need to play “Sunday Morning”, and none of these chords is too difficult to switch between! This simple song combines several basic techniques to become an enjoyable tune to play. Once you’ve gotten the basics down pat, add your own creative flair by incorporating different techniques and strumming patterns to the tune!

Sunday Morning Chords → link to

Chasing Cars

Chords: A,E,D

“Chasing Cars” was never a number one hit song, but it is an enduring pop classic that is still played on radio stations and in numerous TV series to this day! This easy three-chord song follows a repetitive melody that is easy to master which gradually builds up to a crescendo, all while following that same melody.

Chasing Cars Chords → link to

We hope this list of songs gives you the inspiration to pick up the ukulele and begin strumming away to some of the simplest but most beautiful tunes! As with everything else, it never starts off easy, but practice makes perfect. If you need that extra push to jumpstart your musical endeavours, sign up for our ukulele + vocal lessons or ukulele classes (link to )!

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